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Our staff cares about getting you back to you. We produce different outcomes and permanent results. Learn More

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Located in the heart of Palm Beach. Learn More

Treatment Programs

Outpatient is all we do. From detox to treatment to aftercare, we’ve got you covered. Learn More

Treatment Programs

Programs designed to keep you in charge of your life.

Outpatient Detox

Safely and comfortably detox without a confining and costly inpatient hospital stay. It’s on your own terms, without leaving your job, school, family, or the comforts of your own home. Learn More Learn More
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The Restore Program

The Restore Program is designed to replenish the hormones, vitamins, and amino acids your body is missing from years of drug or alcohol use. Learn More Learn More

Outpatient Program

Following detox, this program is offered day or night so that you can continue with your daily life. We focus on the thought process that keeps you in an unhealthy pattern of brief episodes of sobriety with relapse after relapse. Learn More Learn More

Community-Based Housing

outpatient Men and women come here to rebuild their lives in a safe, structured environment where the only requirement is to focus on self growth and improvement. Not only do we offer housing, but we assist with employment, transportation, and the life skills needed to rebuild your life. Learn More Learn More

Integrative Programs

Not everyone responds to the same treatment plan, so we developed these programs to help you find what works best for you: Inner Child Therapy, Psychodrama, EMDR, CBT, DBT, Marriage and Family systems, Experiential Groups, and Personality Testing. Learn More Learn More

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