• What makes this program different than being treated by a private physician that prescribes Suboxone® and other detox drugs?

    Seeing a private physician for Suboxone® treatment only provides you with a written prescription for the medication – and nothing else. It only takes a physician 8 hours of training to be certified to prescribe Suboxone®; therefore, most physicians have little or no practical experience dealing with addiction medicine or the disease of addiction. Also, there is very little instruction, and counseling is usually not given. At NBRC you receive a host of services including psychosocial and psychiatric assessments, medical examination and assessment, weekly drug screens, telephone support, counseling sessions, and a whole clinical team managing your program. Most of our staff members are in long term recovery and are able to incorporate their vast knowledge and experience.
  • Why is Outpatient counseling recommended?

    Extensive experience indicates that detoxification alone only eliminates the drug usage or the “symptom” of the underlying problem. The counseling establishes a baseline for a long term recovery process. In other words, NBRC begins to address the “why” of how you got where you were. This is a critical step in learning how to live your life drug free.
  • Why is Outpatient Detox sometimes longer than Inpatient Detox?

    A longer taper results in a “softer landing” that dramatically reduces the typical discomfort and withdrawal symptoms. Most people report that discomfort was virtually nonexistent. In other cases, a shorter length of time for a Suboxone® taper may be appropriate for those that have had relatively brief episodes of opiate usage, or the usage is at a low dose. Shorter detox lengths are available, and all length options are discussed on your initial visit with us. Studies have shown that the rates of relapse are significantly lower in longer taper schedules.
  • Will I need other types of medications?

    If needed, you will be prescribed safe, non-addictive, and effective medications that virtually eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms include anxiety, sleeplessness, and debilitating aches and pains normally associated with withdrawal. You also have the option to combine your detox with our Restore Program, which is an amino acid, vitamin and mineral support system. This program gets your brain and body healing significantly faster with less Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS).
  • How is your program different than Inpatient Treatment and Inpatient Detoxification?

    NBRC’s programs are a fraction of the cost of most Inpatient Programs. Most Inpatient Programs provide little to no counseling or follow up care. Since these Inpatient Programs teach recovery in a sheltered environment, upon completion, the newly recovered person steps into the real word in a fragile state. In our program, you detox in the real world, continue with you obligations such as work or school.
  • Do you take insurance?

    Yes, we accept all major insurance.
  • How long is the Outpatient Program?

    The Outpatient Program lasts for a total of 72 hours, or 8 weeks. Groups are run three times per week. Since it is a continually running program, you can join in at any point. For those that cannot attend that often, you have the option to attend at a frequency that meets your schedule.
  • If I choose to do the Outpatient Program, is it done after the detox?

    No, the Outpatient Program runs concurrent with the detox. This unique approach results in a much higher rate of success. However, you must be stabilized and out of any acute stage before joining the group. Even during the acute stage we still perform individual therapy as needed.
  • What if I feel like I also need individual therapy?

    No problem. The Outpatient Program includes an individual therapy session once a week. In fact, we can customize your treatment plan to fit your specific needs and desires.
  • What happens after the Outpatient Program is over?

    NBRC offers a great Aftercare program that consists of additional medications to reduce cravings, nutritional, supplements, and continued individual and group counseling. We also recommend that you continue to be engaged in the recovery process by attending 12 step programs and maintain a high degree of accountability. Patients have the option to continue coming to our group therapy program or engage in Individual Counseling.
  • How much do the detox programs cost?

    NBRC programs have variable components which varies the cost. Just as everyone’s drug and alcohol dependency is different, so too is their treatment. The NBRC programs are significantly less expensive than most Inpatient facilities. We also offer cost effective detox only programs. In just a few minutes we can outline the entire program and its cost. There is no obligation, and if you are serious about living a “drug free” life give us a call today. NBRC admissions specialists are always available to talk about a loved one, friend, relative, etc. and our conversations are confidential. Financial assistance is always available.
  • How often does the Outpatient Program meet?

    Our Outpatient Program gives you the option to attend daytime or nighttime groups. The daytime sessions meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9AM – 12 noon. Nighttime groups meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6PM – 9PM.