Our Integrative Programs

Each of our Specialized Programs are tailored to different necessities. We offer outpatient addiction and mental health counseling options including: Inner Child Therapy, Individual Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. Read more about each program in detail below:  

Inner Child Therapy

play-therapy-frisbeeNBRC specializes and regularly utilizes therapies designed to help foster increased self awareness, self concept and promotes feelings of forgiveness. Inner Child Therapy is a highly effective tool that aids the therapeutic process by allowing our patients to get in touch with ones own Inner Child self. All NBRC group participants have the opportunity to partake in this highly effective therapy. Click here to learn more.

Individual Therapy

InterventionNew Beginnings Recovery Center (NBRC) offers a wide range of Individual Counseling options available to its clients.  All of our staff therapists have extensive backgrounds in addiction counseling. NBRC can schedule sessions that can fit anyone’s schedule. Individual Counseling can be a tremendous complement to our Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program (IOP). Click here to learn more.

Mental Health Counseling

New Beginnings Facility Shoot (115 of 544)New Beginnings Recovery Center (NBRC) provides mental health counseling to those enrolled in any of our programs, or for those simply seeking mental health counseling alone. Mental health counselors are highly-skilled professionals who provide flexible, client-oriented therapy. Click here to learn more.