Don’t have 30 days to go into treatment?

Afraid of withdrawal symptoms?

Keep relapsing?

Outpatient detox is what you need.

We do outpatient detox differently, and we have been for 10 years. Over the past 10 years, we have been perfecting our extremely refined and highly effective treatment protocols, allowing us to have detoxed thousands of people successfully.

The reason we are so successful with outpatient detox is due to our medical approach. We combine traditional and alternative medicine to create a detox schedule and program that fits your exact needs. By using alternative medicine with traditional medicine, it has been scientifically proven across the board to dramatically reduce withdrawal symptoms and shorten the length of your detox.

When paired with our patented Restore Program, our outpatient detox program is the quickest and most comfortable way to detox off drugs or alcohol. For more information on The Restore Program™ click here.

Every detox program we have created is different, because every person’s situation is different; no two are the same. We do a comprehensive analysis of your situation and your body to create a program that meets your exact needs and schedule. You have input on your treatment plan.

Maybe you’ve tried detoxing in the past unsuccessfully. Maybe you can’t stop relapsing. Maybe you’ve already detoxed and still have cravings and post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). We understand why on a molecular level and can help you. Outpatient detox is all we have done for 10 years now. Put yourself in the hands of professionals who understand this detox process better than anyone else.

At NBRC, we produce long-term results and permanent outcomes.

Why outpatient detox?

      • Completely private and confidential
      • Little to no withdrawal symptoms
      • Fraction of the cost of an inpatient detox
      • Continue working, going to school, and tending to obligations
      • Extremely low relapse rates
      • Flexible scheduling: day or evening programs available
      • Input in your taper schedule and treatment plan

What about inpatient detox?

An inpatient detox is a very rapid detox and can lead to very high relapse rates. Most inpatient detoxes have what are called “standing orders”. These are standardized treatment taper protocols from insurance companies for every drug. These “standing orders” are dictated by insurance companies. Whether you’ve been drinking or taking drugs for 5 months or 5 years, every person gets the exact same taper schedule and program in an inpatient detox. For those using for multiple years, this is extremely hard on the body leading to intense withdrawal symptoms and very high relapse rates. How can one expect to be detoxed in 5 days after using for 20 years? Not comfortably. That is why we believe in outpatient detox. We are not restricted by insurance companies guidelines, allowing us the flexibility to taper you off of the drink or drug at your own pace. It’s a significantly easier, more comfortable detox.

Detox Programs




All standard Outpatient Detox Programs have the option to add the following:

Restore Neurotransmitter Restoration Program™

RestoreSquareNewThe NBRC Restore Neurotransmitter Restoration Program™ is an IV and Oral Supplement Amino Acid, Vitamin and Mineral repletion Program.   This program provides a quicker and more thorough restoration of nutritional and neurotransmitter function to help alleviate many of the symptoms of the drug or alcohol withdrawal syndrome and restore deficient nutritional conditions that typically come with substance dependencies. Click here for more info.